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Call for Paper Topics for Political Science Conference

Welcome to the 2nd International Conference on Political Sciences, an interdisciplinary forum for academics, researchers, and practitioners to address contemporary problems and challenges in governance and politics, share ideas, and present research findings.
The conference, which will take place in London, United Kingdom, from July 19–21, 2024, intends to offer a setting for thoughtful discussion, perceptive analysis, and lively discussion on a variety of subjects, including public policy and political theory as well as international relations and comparative politics.
All disciplinary perspectives and methodological stances, including research using qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid methodologies, are invited. Submissions that make use of empirical data, contribute to theoretical discussions, and provide fresh perspectives on important political issues are especially welcomed.
We look forward to your participation in the conference and to the vibrant exchange of ideas and knowledge that it will foster.

International Conference on Political Sciences

We invite submissions of papers, panels, and posters that address the following themes and related topics

Public Policy and Administration
  • Political institutions and governance
  • Public administration
  • Public policy and governance
  • Policy learning and policy change
  • Social inequality and poverty
  • Economic governance
  • Public welfare
  • Social protection
  • Democratic governance
  • Social justice
  • Public transparence
  • Migration and integration
  • Care policy
  • Identity politics
  • Political economy and development
  • State politics and policy
  • Urban politics
  • Health politics and policy
  • Global public health policies
  • Public trust
  • Policy Analysis
International Relations
  • Globalization and regional integration
  • Strategic studies
  • Nationalism
  • Regional power dynamics and cooperation
  • Policy challenges in the Global South
  • Post-globalization populism
  • Sovereignty
  • Non-state actors
  • Geopolitics
  • Power blocs
  • Covid-19 pandemic crisis
  • Global community
  • European studies
  • Non-proliferation
  • Geopolitics
  • Covid-19 pandemic crisis
  • Global community
  • Federalism and intergovernmental relations
  • Foreign policy
  • International security and arms control
  • Brexit
  • Global markets
  • International cooperation in crises
  • United Nations
  • European Union
  • International legal bodies
Political Sociology
  • Democracy and democratization
  • Political polarization
  • Vulnerabilities and resilience
  • Socio-political mobilization
  • Conflict and adaptation
  • New populisms
  • Political behavior and public opinion
  • Elections and voting behavior
  • Political participation
  • Social movements and political change
  • Unrests and protests
  • Interest groups
  • Human rights and social justice
  • Political psychology
  • Political engagement
  • Campaign dynamics
  • Transnational activism
  • Race, ethnicity and politics
  • Political communication
  • Political networks
  • Political organizations and parties
  • Politics, Literature and Film
  • Media and communication in politics
Political Theory and Philosophy
  • Contemporary political theory
  • Global Political Theory
  • Political philosophy
  • Political thinking
  • Political Methodology
  • Critical studies of power
  • Women and minorities in political theory
  • Politics and History
  • International history and politics
  • Historical Political Science
  • Authoritarian Politics
  • Constitutional Politics
Comparative Politics
  • Comparative democratization
  • Comparative political institutions
  • Political party systems
  • Presidentialism and parliamentarism
  • Democratization
  • Political corruption
  • Patronage and clientelism
  • Representation and electoral systems
Peace and Conflict Processes
  • Security and conflict resolution
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Intergroup peace
  • Conflict transformation
  • Extremism and violence
  • Rebel governance and mobilization
  • Militias and military actors
  • Civilians and political parties
  • Peacebuilding agents
  • Identity and grievance driven conflicts
  • Russia-Ukraine War
  • Conflicts and global trade
Information Technology and Politics
  • E-democracy (Electronic Democracy)
  • Information and disinformation management
  • Internet Governance
  • Security Threats and Virtual propaganda
  • Digital transformation and national politics
  • Social Media and Democracy
  • AI in public sector decision-making
  • Technology governance
  • Science, Technology and Environmental Politics
Women, Gender and Politics
  • Feminine and feminist political discourse
  • Women and democracy
  • Empowerment of women
  • Feminist theory
  • Global politics and Queer theory
  • Women in Politics
  • Anti-gender movements
  • Gender inequality
  • Women and public policy
  • Women and politics in third world countries
  • Women, religion and politics
  • Eco-feminism
  • Global women’s movement
  • Human rights
Environmental Policies
  • Climate policy and action
  • Sustainable development Challenges
  • Climate response measures
  • Global environmental justice
  • Climate politics or governance
  • NGOs and climate litigation
  • Climate change and economic insecurity
  • Climate Security
  • State of climate emergency
  • Migration, climate change, and human security
  • Intergovernmental cooperation
Regional Studies
  • Regional crises
  • War in Ukraine
  • Conflict in the Caucasus
  • Armenia–Azerbaijan border conflict
  • Middle East conflicts
  • Somalia hunger crisis
  • Afghanistan poverty crisis
  • Congo conflicts
  • Yemen humanitarian crisis
  • Syria crisis
  • South Sudan Conflict
  • Haiti Gang violence
  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • China-Taiwan Relations 

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